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Investments in Aviation

Air transport connects people over long distances. Cargo planes supply even remote places with everyday necessities. Helicopters are used for rescue. These examples show that air transport is indispensable. That is why the demand will continue to grow in the future.

As an investment, the asset class offers the advantage that aircraft, engines and helicopters can be secured individually and can basically be used worldwide at any time. The investment is therefore not tied to a specific location. In addition, the aviation market is highly regulated and standardised for safety reasons alone.  Investors benefit from stable cash flows that can be planned over the long term.


Our expertise for your success

This is another asset class in which we have many years of experience. We work with recognised contractual partners from the aviation industry and have extensive contacts to globally active and renowned market players in the aviation industry. Our investments are individually designed and can be structured in a variety of ways. This allows us to respond individually to the requirements of different investor groups. We also offer regulated AIFs in Germany and Luxembourg. 

Our profile for this asset

When it comes to aircraft, we attach importance to modern and fuel-efficient asset types. Niche assets such as special aircraft or helicopters are also in our focus.

Furthermore, we are happy to accompany our partners in their development of innovative products for the aviation market of the future.


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Base value is the economic base value. The expert's valuation in an open, unregulated and stable market environment with a balanced supply-demand ratio. The base value of an aircraft / turbine is defined by projected historical values.

The soft value is the future purchase price that can be achieved at a lower limit in a normal market. The market is characterised by a higher demand than the supply and therefore negatively affected. This can occur with reduced air traffic, lower transactions on the market or with new technologies.

Market value is the value of the market. The appraiser's assessment of a probable purchase price, adjusted to market conditions at the time of the request. It is assumed that the aircraft / turbine is in good condition, the hypothetical sales partners are willing and creditworthy and the sale takes place in an open and unregulated market.

TheCurrent Maintenance Adjusted Market Value is theprobable realisation value. The valuation takes into account current aircraft / turbine conditions, such as, for example, hours (flight hours) cycles (take-offs and landings) and maintenance as well as the current market.

Maintenance reserves are the maintenance reserves, also known as rental surcharge. These are the amounts collected during the lease term in order to cover the costs of maintenance.

Full life refers to the operating state of an aircraft or a turbine that corresponds to zero hours of flight. A contract with the return in full-life condition stipulates that in cases where worn parts are not replaced or fundamentally overhauled, financial compensation payments must be made.

The IATA "International Air Transport Association" is an international association of the aviation industry, which represents 240 airlines with over 84% of the total air-traffic volume.

ISTAT is the "International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading". This international association of transport aircraft trade with over 4,000 members of various airlines, aircraft/engine manufacturers, etc. is the central coordinator of certification requirements, issuing of guidelines and standards, and also provides a platform for information exchange.

LLP's "Life Limited Parts" are the wear parts of an aircraft or engine.

Narrow-bodies are small narrow-body aircraft, as a rule small-haul or medium-haul aircraft with a series of gears, e.g. A320 or Boeing 737.

Wide-bodies are wide-body aircraft, as a rule long-haul aircraft with more than one gear such as Boeing 777 or the A380.