The LHI Group

Institutional investors

Investors are also facing challenges in 2022: How and where do I invest my capital? Fluctuating stock markets, sustained low interest rate. At a first glance it is not easy to invest capital. But only at a first glance. Continue reading to find out why it is worth paying attention to asset investments such as real estate and renewable energies.

Sustainable and successful investments

Investments in Real Estate

Sustainability and returns are not incompatible, quite the contrary. Sustainable investment strategies have a positive impact on investment performance.


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Structured Finance

Structured Finance

It is irrelevant whether you are looking for the best financing of a new investment in a property or a suitable solution for the economic optimisation of a real estate portfolio; the replacement of financing, a key figure or balance sheet optimisation. We have the ideal solution for medium-sized companies with a sales volume of EUR 50 million to the big DAX companies.


Our basis for sustainability

For LHI Group, sustainability is an integral part of the corporate strategy.
As a consequence, we focus on the long-term impact for all our decisions.

At a glance

50 years of experience
Assets under Management
from approximately 14 billion
Active investment funds
5.5 billion
approximately 270

Quality as the basis for our success

Those who focus on quality are acting in a forward-looking and long-term manner. This applies to the development of projects as well as to the collaboration
with you. We intensely focus on issues, that is why very complex projects are in good hands with us.
We deal with complex issues until we find suitable solutions for all parties involved.