• Sustainability - Our standards
    We are not satisfied with less
  • Environment - Real Estate
    Well planned, well planted - more energy with greening
  • Environment - Renewables
    Sustainable conservation of resources
  • Environment - Aviation
    Yes, it is possible: aviation in a sustainable manner
  • Environment - Working environment
    More power - in harmony with nature
  • Environment - Actively conserve resources
    Environmental awareness begins at home
  • Social – Working in the LHI Group
    Peace and quiet in the room - birdsong in the garden
  • Social – Family and professional life
    Striking the right balance
  • Social - Working in the LHI Group
    Successful together - preferably in the long run
  • Social - Equal opportunities
    Same basis for all on principle
  • Social – Vis-à-vis our business partners
    Respect, trust, on an equal footing - the foundations of every cooperation
  • Social - Responsibility for the whole
    Promoting the future is a matter of honour for us
  • Governance- Organisation
    Low risk, more fun: taking a conservative approach
  • Governance - Risk management
    Trust is good, knowledge is better
  • Governance - Togetherness
    Appreciative in everything we do
For a future worth living
Sustainability is based most closely on the original idea of not over-exploiting nature. This means only using the natural foundations of life to the extent that they are able to regenerate themselves.
four-person households could be supplied by LHI wind and solar parks in 2019.
tonnes of CO2 emissions were cut in 2019, thanks to LHI's wind farms and solar parks.
96.5 %
achieved result for ecological quality of the DGBN certification of the LHI headquarters.
Respectful and appreciative now and in the future
A state or society should be organised in such a way that social tensions are limited and conflicts cannot escalate but can be resolved by peaceful and civil means.
Years of average company affiliation of employees.
30 %
Female executives.
Ca. 14
Training days per employee per year.
Investing in the future
A society should not live economically beyond its means, as this would inevitably lead to losses for future generations. In general, an economy is considered sustainable if it can be operated on a permanent basis.
Dr. Nicole Handschuher

"Economic success is only possible in the long term if it is based on responsibility and a long-established, trusting cooperation with our customers."

Markus Niedermeier

"If actively practised, sustainability requires solutions, not just words. With our investment products, we can play an active role in shaping these solutions."

Florian Heumann

"Being an employer means more than just offering someone a job. It means creating an environment where people like to work."