Our financing solutions are just as individual as your goals.
Working together, we create added value for your company.

What is meant by structured finance?

Structured finance is a form of financing that is individually tailored to the needs of your company. These structures create room for you to operate in order to successfully realise your corporate goals. Economic, balance sheet and tax aspects are all taken into account.

Which clients can benefit from our structured finance products?

Our structured financings are best suited for companies with a turnover of around 50 million euros or more. But even below that, an individual solution can make sense. We will find out together with you. 


Which types of structured finance do we offer?

  • Leasing arrangements such as sale-and-lease-back, buy-and-lease and new construction  leasing
  • Lease-purchase
  • Classic rental solutions

Which goals can you achieve with structured finance?

  • Liquidity protection/generation
  • Liquidity creation 
  • Raising hidden reserves
  • Generation of additional equity capital 
  • Cash flow modelling 
  • Optimisation of key balance sheet ratios 
  • Balance sheet neutrality / off-balance 
  • Financing corporate succession

Advantages compared to classical financing

  • 100% debt financing - no equity requirement
  • Long terms of 15 or 20 years
  • Open residual financing value at the end of the term
  • Liquidity inflow with tax-neutral raising of hidden reserves, strengthening of equity and balance sheet relief in the case of sale-and-lease-back according to HGB (German Commercial Code)
  • Off balance presentation of property and financing according to HBG/BiIMoG (German Accounting Law Modernisation Act)
  • Reduction of debt and balance sheet contraction

Advantages compared to outside investors

  • Planning and calculation security through fixed financial rent (no CPI-indexed rent)
  • Comprehensive and very close-to-ownership use of the property
  • Long-term access to your property
  • Tax-neutral raising of hidden reserves in the case of sale-and-lease-back according to HGB
  • Reduction of debt and balance sheet contraction according to IFRS
  • Cash back at the end of the term


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