Success in figures

CO2 savings of all parks in 2023

574.384 t

LHI wind farms


LHI solar farms


LHI hydro power


LHI E-charging points


about 2.0 Mrd. Euro

total output thereof


1179 MW/MWp

total output thereof

Investments in Renewable Energies

With the power of nature

Renewable energies are not just a trend. Investments in renewable energies make an active and measurable contribution to CO-2 reduction. In order to achieve the set goals, the long-term expansion of renewable energies is needed. And this is only possible through investments. Investments in renewable energies ensure a stable return in the long term, as they do not correlate with the stock market. Investors benefit from long-term stable cash flows. Renewable energies fulfil the criteria of sustainable investments and thus the requirements of institutional investors

Our expertise for your success

Our expertise is all in-house. We do neither out-source the selection of locations, facilities and partners nor, of course, the conception nor the ongoing asset management. This enables us to be fast in exploiting opportunities and equally fast in finding solutions for possible risks.

Assets we are looking for

We invest in wind/solar/hydro power. We are also interested in new investment opportunities such as storage technologies and e-mobility infrastructure.

As a project partner, you benefit from our know-how and a reliable and long-term cooperation.

Institutionelle Investoren

Your contact

Franz Unterbichler LHI Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
Managing Director
Renewables Department

Tel.: +49 89 5120-1433
Mobile: +49 0174 3156036
Fax: +49 89 5120-2433

Mathias Erl LHI Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
Transaction Management
Real Estate

Tel.: +49 89 5120-1435
Mobile: +49 172 8216849
Fax: +49 89 5120-2435

Susanne Heisig LHI Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

Tel.: +49 89 5120-1438
Mobile: +49 172 7792212
Fax: +49 89 5120-2438

Martin Oellerer LHI Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
Funds- and Portfoliomanagement

Tel.: +49 89 5120-1426
Mobile: +49 172 9602447
Fax: +49 (89) 5120-2426

The Weidenwang solar park with our partner E.ON


our Projects

e-charging point Bad Kreuznach
e-charging-point Passau
e-charging point Ravensburg
e-charging point Sauerlach
e-charging point Schweinfurt
e-charging points Weiden
hydro power Bemposta
hydro power Picote
hydro power Miranda da Douro
hydro power Villa Rea-Alijó
hydro power Ål
hydro power Dovre
hydro power Haugastøl
hydro power Sjøvegan
hydro power Vølset
hydro power Baixo Sabor/Torre de Moncorvo
hydro power Feliticeiro/Torre de Moncorvo
Solarfarm Auw
Solarpark Baar-Ebenhausen
Solarpark Beetzendorf
Solarfarm Schweigersdorf
Solarpark Weidenwang
Solarpark Berkelweide
Solarfarm Beuningen
Solarpark Bitterfeld
Solarpark Bogen
Solarpark Cavillargues
Solarfarm Dietersdorf
Solarpark Doberschütz
Solarpark Dürrenried
Solarkark Dürrenried II
Solarpark Ebensfedl
Solarpark Eitensheim
Solarpark Euerwang
Solarpark Fahlhorst
Solarpark Falkenberg
Solarpark Finsterwalde
Solarpark Fisch
Solarpark Freudenberg
Solarpark Gardelegen
Solarpark Georgsdorf
Solarpark Gerdshagen
Solarpark Guteneck
Solarpark Hafenlohr
Solarpark Haldensleben
Solarpark Hanstholmvej
Solarpark Hassel
Solarkparc Hepberg
Solarpark Höchheim
Solarpark Hohenau
Solarpark Holzheim
Solarpark Jabel
Solarpark Kammerstein
Solarpark Kinderbeuern
Solarpark Lauingen
Solarpark Kümmersbruck
Solarpark Langsendelbach
Solarpark Lauingen
Solarpark Leiwen
Solarpark Lochem
Solarpark Mantel
Solarpark Mazaugues
Solarpark Moosbach
Solarpark Mulfingen
Solarpark Munningen
Solarpark Neuhardenberg
Solarpark Niedermurach
Solarpark Obertrubach
Solarpark Prebitz
Solarpark Prenzlau
Solarpark Püchersreuth
Solarpark La Rouchouse
Solarpark Schelklingen
Solarpark Seßlach
Solarpark Storkow
Solarpark Thüngen
Solarfarm Trottenreuth
Solarpark Ursollen
Solarpark Wanzleben
Solarpark Welzow
Solarpark Westerheim
Solarpark Zeewolde
Windfarm Aunis
Windpark Bad Saulgau
Windpark Champs à Gelaine
Windpark Coesmes
Windpark Nord Sarthe 2/Courgains
Windpark Forst Briesnig
Windpark Freist-Gerbstedt
Windpark Grebenau
Windpark Haiger
Windpark Haut de Correau
Windpark Hohenmölsen
Windpark Homberg
Windpark Imsweiler
Windpark Jörn-Aldermyrberget
Windpark Heidehof-Jüteborg
Windpark Niederlehme Königs-Wusterhausen
Windpark Kusey
Windfarm La Dian
Windpark La Pâture
Windpark Les Septvallons/Perles
Windpark Lion-en-Beauce
Windpark Luko
Windpark Hustedt-Martfeld
Windpark Niederstetten
Windfarm Obersontheim-Kohlenstraße
Windfarm Plésidy
Windpark Pritzwalk
Windpark Schwegenheim
Windpark Seuil
Windpark Terres Blances
Windpark Teutleben
Windpark Trendelburg
Windpark Vallée du Don
Windpark Velburg