"It's the innovative and feasible financing and investment concepts that make LHI so special."
Dr. Nicole Handschuher Degree in Business Administration and doctorate in cultural management

Dr. Nicole Handschuher has been managing director of LHI Group since 01.10.2019. She is responsible for the areas of structured finance, taxes and law, calculation and loan placement.

“Innovative, solid and sustainable products are the basis for LHI's success and for the trust of our customers.”
Markus Niedermeier Graduate in Business Administration MBA

Markus Niedermeier joined LHI in 2006 and has been managing director of LHI Group since 01.07.2020. He is responsible for the areas of Marketing and Communication, Domestic and International Investment Products, Debt Capital, Equity, Real Estate, Renewables, Aviation and Internal Audit.

“1 + 1 > 2. The clever combination of individual components makes more sense than their mere addition. Here at LHI everyone contributes to combining tailor-made details to create real solutions.”
Florian Heumann Graduate in Business Economy

Florian Heumann has been with LHI since 2000 and has been managing director of LHI Group since 01.07.2020. He is responsible for the areas of Human Resources, IT, Risk Management and Controlling, Compliance, Accounting and Facility Management.

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Dr Nicole Handschuher Managing Director LHI Group

Find out why LHI is a partner for companies and investors. Dr Nicole Handschuher is Managing Director of the LHI Group and responsible for Structured Finance, Tax and Legal, Research, Costing and Debt Capital.