LHI Group investing in a further solar park in the Netherlands

May 12, 2021

LHI investment assets in the asset class Renewable Energies at EUR 1.5 billion

The Berkelweide solar park in the province of Gelderland was commissioned in March 2021 and provides a rated capacity of 10 MWp.

Through the cultivation of crops and mushrooms, the operator is testing secondary agricultural use in a pilot project. Another special feature of the park is that part of the installation consists of so-called bifacial solar modules. This innovative technology aims to use the light from both sides of the solar modules and thus achieve a higher energy yield.

With the solar park Berkelweide, the LHI Group now has a total of 40 solar parks in its portfolio, which together have a nominal capacity of around 390 MWp. In addition, there are 33 wind farms with a nominal capacity of around 400 MW. Overall, the LHI Group manages a volume of around EUR 1.5 billion in the renewable energies asset class.

The Berkelweide solar park is the second solar park of the LHI Group in the Netherlands, thus further expanding its country allocation in Europe.

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