Generation change in the LHI Group’s management board completed

January 26, 2021

New management leads the LHI Group into the future

Review of a successful financial year 2020


After a well-prepared transition period, the generation change in the management board of the LHI Group has now been completed. Since 1 January 2021, the new management board has consisted of Dr Nicole Handschuher, Florian Heumann and Markus Niedermeier. After a transitional phase in which the company was managed by a 7-member board, Oliver Porr, Robert Soethe, Peter Kober and Jens Kramer have resigned as managing directors as of 31 December 2020. All four will remain shareholders of the company. Furthermore, Oliver Porr and Robert Soethe will be available to the company as advisory board members.

Dr Nicole Handschuher joined LHI in 2019. Prior to that, she was a board member of the savings bank of Cologne and Bonn (Sparkasse KölnBonn) with responsibility for the areas of risk and finance. Florian Heumann and Markus Niedermeier have already been working for LHI for many years. Market responsibility is divided between Dr Nicole Handschuher for structured finance and Markus Niedermeier for investment products. Florian Heumann has taken over responsibility for internal units like accounting, controlling and risk management.

Even in times of the Corona crisis, the LHI Group has once again successfully concluded the financial year 2020. Transactions with a volume of more than 1.9 billion Euros were successfully completed. The annual result for 2020 is also expected to be above the pre-Covid plan. It is particularly pleasing that investments were made in hydropower plants for the first time as well as in a solar park with PPA remuneration. In the real estate segment, there has been increased investment in infrastructure real estate, where the sustainability aspect has gained considerably in importance. This general development is also reflected in structured finance, as can be seen, for instance, in a significant increase in the area of rolling stock commitments.

"We are well aware of our responsibility to keep the LHI Group successful in the long term. Together we will continue the tried and tested and at the same time set the course for new ideas and concepts. We are convinced that this will lead the LHI Group safely and successfully into the future.", said the new managing directors in their joint statement.

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